UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Messmate Desktop, White


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The UpDown Desk PRO Series electric standing desk with Messmate desktop is locally sourced and made out of Australian native timber, with a magnificent natural grain accented by a beautiful clear lacquer. It combines outstanding engineering with the latest technology in motor and digital height control – including 4 height memory buttons for easy height adjustment.

The frame weight exceeds that of all standing desk competitors providing exceptional stability at full height (up to 127cm). 

The major benefits of the PRO Series standing desk include increased wellbeing, productivity and creativity as well as reduced physical discomfort arising from prolonged time spent in a seated position. Recently the Australian government published a slogan €œSitting is the New Smoking€ that indicates just how critical it is to invest in your wellbeing and avoid chronic health issues connected to excessive seated work.

The PRO Series standing desks are very easy to setup. Our customers often complete their own installation in between 20-25 minutes using our video or written setup guide.

Messmate Desktops

Messmate (also known as €œStringybark€ or €œWormy€) is a native Australian eucalypt found mainly in the south east of Australia.  It is a hard wearing and dense hardwood, with a lovely grain and natural highlights, making it ideal for designing and building furniture.

Our brand new messmate desktops receive a lot of attention and interest because of their brilliant and unspoilt presentation.  Our local furniture maker hand crafts desktops for UpDown Desks using timber that is FSC and/or PEFC certified.  This means that there is a transparent chain of custody so that we can be certain that our timber is derived from sustainable plantations.

The PRO Series electric standing desk with a brand new Messmate desktop is a winning and premium combination.  We guarantee you will love this commercial quality sit-stand desk frame, proudly crowned with an amazing, Australian sourced and built Messmate desktop. Our hardwood timbers are a natural product and some variations of colour and grain will be seen in the desktop. No two trees grow exactly the same.

Also, if our €œstandard€ sizes are not suitable for you, please contact us for a quote on your custom sized desktop.

Key features:

  • Unrivalled frame stability.
  • 4 memory buttons for height control.
  • Powerful dual motor lifting mechanism, 150kg lifting capacity.
  • Locally sourced and crafted sustainable Australian hardwood.
  • 10 year frame warranty for peace of mind.



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UpDown Desk PRO Series Electric Standing Desk with Messmate Desktop, White
Brand: UpDown Desks PRO Series
Store: UpDown Desk
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Store: UpDown Desk

Updown Desks Australia is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standing desks and sit and stand desk converters.

Our electric standing desk range provides you with a complete desk unit, enabling you to sit or stand at your leisure.

All of our electric standing desks have a height memory function, allowing you to save and switch between saved heights automatically.

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