Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat



Do I need an anti-fatigue standing mat?

An anti-fatigue standing mat is for people who are standing on harder surfaces e.g. concrete, timber, firm carpet etc.

The standing mat is soft and flexible, so it increases standing comfort significantly. This allows users to stand for much longer periods of time.

The standing mat also reduces muscle fatigue and improves the overall ergonomics of your working environment. It does this by increasing movement in the feet and lower legs which can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with long periods of standing on hard surfaces.

There is a bevel on the edge of the mat to reduce the hazards from tripping.

How do I use an anti-fatigue standing mat?

When standing, centre the mat underneath your feet. Shoes are preferred for the extra support, but not required.

When sitting, push the mat under your desk or pick it up and store it elsewhere. Do not put a chair on the mat – chairs will damage the mat.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat
Brand: UpDown Desks
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Store: UpDown Desk

Updown Desks Australia is a leading manufacturer and supplier of standing desks and sit and stand desk converters.

Our electric standing desk range provides you with a complete desk unit, enabling you to sit or stand at your leisure.

All of our electric standing desks have a height memory function, allowing you to save and switch between saved heights automatically.

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