Cable Tray, White



A cable tray is a great way to assist with the organisation of the cables and power boards running under your desk and is available in Black and White. It helps maximise the amount of clutter-free space above and below the desk. It also reduces the hazards associated with having uncontrolled cabling around the desk. With a cable tray in place you can rest assured that your cables will be neat and under control.

A single cable tray is large enough to suit most applications. As an example, some of our customers have placed in the cable tray the following:

  • 6 point power board
  • Docking station
  • 2 Transformers
  • Various Cables

Having a cable tray will result in only one single power cable  protruding from the powerboard needing to raise / lower.


  • 70cm long
  • 11.5cm tall
  • 7.5cm wide

Cable Tray, White
Brand: UpDown Desks
Store: UpDown Desk
Price: 49.00 AUD
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Store: UpDown Desk

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